Letter for an adotpee requesting records from the hospital of birth

The hospital records you are primarily concerned with here are those relation to birth. These records serve to confirm a stated date of birth; they should indicate relevant information on medical background of the birth parent (s) and some medical information on the newborn child's state of health; they routinely identify the doctor i attendance during delivery and/or subsequent complications that may have arisen; they will also contain incidental information on the birth parents that may help in any effort to locate either of both of them. The name(s) will, of course, be indicated in the hospitals records, but you may not be allowed to know them, as they constitute "identifying" information." Naturally, the records will be more complete on the birth mother. There may be little if any information on the birth father in cases where the child was born out of wedlock.

For an adoptee, hospital records can provide both important leads to the identity of birth parents and valuable health-related information. Obtain any health-related information you can to alert you to possible health problems to which you may be genetically predisposed. The name of the hospital where you were born should be listed on your altered birth certificatttte or in the private, religious, or governmental agency paper. In most cases, the name of the hospital will be released to you.

Most hospitals will have your records listed only under your birth name. Your adoption, after all, took place after the fact of birth. If you have your birth name, send a letter requesting hospital records in that name (see sample below) Your letter will need to be notarized, as the hospital may not release records to anyone other then the patient or his or her designated agent. If the hospital where you were born proves to reluctant to release the information, ask your doctor to request the records. If all else fails, you can send a letter to the hospital administration which, when signed by the hospital, serves as a formal confirmation of the refusal to provide you with your birth records. Include in the letter a statement that says "I take full responsibility for not releasing medical information to (your name) and am aware that, if I withhold this information and the aforementioned sufferers health problems, I am open to legal action." Send this letter via certified mail, return receipt requested. Keep in mind that this is a letter of last resort. You should not include any threats in your first request.

Letter one:


City, State

Attention: Medical Records,

I need to have all my medical records forwarded to me as soon as possible. Please include the following: nursery, admission, discharge, and delivery room records, and any other records kept by your hospital recording my birth.

What type of records do you keep, and what are they called? Please list them so that my doctor may review the list and, at a later date, ask for more detailed information.

Name: (give your birth name if possible)
Born: (give date)

Thank you for your time and consideration.


This letter will need to be notarized.

This next letter is for the administrator regarding non cooperation on release of medical records


Hospital Administrator
City, State

Regarding: Release of medical information

Dear (give administrator's name if possible)

Your hospital has refused to release to me any medical information pertaining to my birth. As you are the person responsible for policy, I am herby requestion you to alter the previous decision and release all medical information kept by you in order to ensure that my future medical treatment will be handled with full facts available.

If you authorize the withholding of any records, please note that your refusal to release such records could cause damage to my future health and may result in legal action against you and this hospital.

I am hopeful that this letter will lead to the release of the needed records so that no further difficulty need arise between us.


I, (name of administrator), do hereby swear all medical information (give your name) has been or is now being released to ensure proper medical treatment in the future. No medical information is being withheld.

Signed: Dated:

Tital: Witness:

Have a notary public certify your signature